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“Louis is one of the most Positive and Innovative people in the Furniture Rental Industry. He recently joined the Rattan House Group as the Director of Sales & Operations to establish the “Rentals by FnB” division. He has studied a vast amount of years at universities around South Africa and graduated with degrees in Fashion.”
Design as a Couturier. Marketing Management. Production Management and is currently studying Teaching English as a Second Language at the Eton Institute. All of his qualifications led to his successful understanding of the processes within the industry. From the design.manufacturing. marketing and sales to satisfied client retention. Louis started his career as a Designer for a very famous surf & beachwear brand. and then he took a giant leap with a career change into the sales industry for a Premium Vehicle manufacturer.He ended up in the events industry.which has been the most exciting time of his life.
Louis has a passion for photography and sees the beauty in things others just walk past. Some of his
photographs get published on a regular basis by Instagram hubs. Even while working you will see him snapping the picture in-between. Louis is currently working at Rentals by FnB and you are more than welcome to visit him inany of our showrooms at Rattan House or FnB Furniture.He will gladly show you the Furniture Collections he is so passionate and proud about.