Serve and Delight! Refresh Your Space with FnB’s Hospitality Furniture

A contemporary ode to impeccable hospitality interiors design. High-quality materials and forward-thinking innovation are at the core of FnB’s manufacturing process. Add energy to your interiors scheme with vibrant colors or create a calm oasis with soft shades, organic shapes and, natural textures.

We invite you to explore urban art (how we love to call it!) that will add character to your eatery. Choose from a range that tells your brand’s story. FnB’s array of chairs, tables, and accessories are built to last the test of time, in a commercial environment and priced to fit any restaurateur’s budget.As a specialist, we lend our expertise, helping restaurants and hotels create spaces for their design-conscious consumers. Great friends and memories connect at your space. FNB furniture provides a home away from home with its decorous furniture.


Prerequisite for an unforgettable dining experience; whether your space is comfortable, fresh and chic, or eclectic- is space-saving furniture that still satiates the visual hunger. A good cafeteria, restaurant or a hotel, relies on more than ‘Instagrammable’ food to maintain sophistication. When planning to furnish a new restaurant or redesign an existing one, take into serious consideration the restaurant’s layout, along with consideration about the kind of style, design and, comfort you want to deliver. Find a gem in our collection, without having to compromise the seating plan you envisioned.


A pizzeria does not require the same type of tabletop as a fine-dining establishment, right? Choosing the right tabletops for your bar or restaurant can be a daunting task. Luckily, FnB’s table collections help you make optimal use of the space available in your dining area, by choosing the right mix of table sizes and shapes. Square, round or high top; wood, laminate or granite –with the number of available options, we can help you make the best choices possible. Durable and lightweight table tops can be easily moved and surfaces can be quickly cleaned-up for efficient service. Opt for bar stools and booths that match your tabletops to ensure that your space has the cohesive design you desire.

While table bases are overlooked as an element of your restaurant’s aesthetic, it is the foundation of your venue’s layout. Whether you are looking for X Prong Table Bases, Round Table Bases, Bolt Down Table Bases or Chrome Table Bases, our customer service representatives can help you make the right choice.  Built with the finest materials and crafted to withstand the wear-and-tear of daily use in a busy restaurant environment, our furniture experts can suggest combinations of table tops and bases most convenient for your needs.


Colorful accessories can always enhance your patron’s experience. Simple or elegant, we have accessories priced to fit any budget or space.


Experience hospitable grandeur at our Dubai branch or Jordan branch, situated in Amman.

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